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Working together to advance His work worldwide

The "e" in our name stands for Equip, Evangelize and Establish, three critical components to seeing a movement of God happen in communities around the world.

Another huge component is our partnership. We partner with Christ in what He is doing in this world that makes an eternal difference. We work together with groups and Christians– we partner – to achieve more together than we could individually. We partner with local churches both here and there, with church leaders and laymen, with other agencies, with whomever will help us advances the Gospel and Church of Jesus Christ.

International Partners: We partner with like-minded international churches to help them thrive and reach out to other areas in their region. We help equip leaders with training and tools to lead outreach campaigns in their areas, as well as teach them how to follow a biblical model of planting and growing new churches. We also come alongside to encourage additional discipleship, ministry, and outreach efforts. Our in-country national field leaders coordinate training and leadership development with the support of both a local and US-based ministry infrastructure.

Church Partners: We service local churches by offering international missions opportunities for their congregations. We do this by mobilizing participants on one of our 170-plus short term trips, aligning churches with a country strategy where the church feeds into a local area year after year, and through tools, such as the Evangecube and the I Am Second movement.

Ministry Partners: Water wells in Africa. Microfinance in Sudan. Sports Clinics in Nepal. Humantiarian relief in South America. Showing the Jesus Film in India. e3 Partners works with other ministries, large and small, to maximize the open doors God provides.

Financial Partners: Financial partners can be the key ingredient to the success of a missions outreach. It could be as simple as providing 1,000 Evangecubes for a field training with national leaders, or as strategic as a financial gift to the India outreach—a new church can literally be started for the equivalent United States cost of a few premium coffees. We have financial partnership opportunities that cover individual missionary support, specific initiatives, and regular giving to the ministry.

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