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The Bible always has been our standard in determining how to approach ministry opportunities. It keeps us focused on developing super simple tools and solutions that can easily be implemented anywhere around the world.

All the tools and training we utilize are biblically-based. Our church planting and leadership training rely on the Bible for inspiration. We conduct our operations as a worldwide ministry using biblical counsel as our guide. With an international network of country leaders and strategists, e3 Partners reviews its initiatives and methods with criteria for scalability. We desire to develop solutions that can be used or easily adapted for use globally, without creating dependency.

The underlying principles of e3’s field ministry are rooted in the modeling of the Apostle Paul as documented in the book of Acts and later described in his epistles. Paul's writings illustrate six primary steps towards establishing new churches, which have become the foundation for the e3 Partners model:

· Pray
· Evangelize
· Make Disciples
· Gather Together
· Develop Leaders
· Multiply

This model has produced results on the field, planting over 8000 new churches since its inception.

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