Reaching the Unreached

Mountain villages, jungle inhabitants, the illiterate, those who are Deaf, those without transportation, Middle East and African tribes, tattooed youth, urban communities—whoever has been hard to reach. They are now being touched by e3 Partners. Some e3 initiatives don’t really look like a ministry. It’s all part of our goal to get the gospel to all people, everywhere. We produce content and products to penetrate our culture. We partner with aligned organizations to reach niche areas and train people to integrate their faith and life.

e3 has a proven approach to the short term mission experience. Not only are the logistics and planning taken care of, but our church planting expeditions feature elements of one or more e3 initiatives:

Helping churches address the social and economic distress of their community while promoting personal responsibility and training. Mobilizing the deaf community to evangelize other deaf communities around the world while inspiring them to a greater public commitment to the Lord. Inspires the revolution of second through a web-based set of short films that capture the attention of the curious, and point people to Jesus. We use a unique marketing strategy, social media, and a grassroots ministry outreach. Promoting and conducting expeditions for families in a positive, safe, and inspirational manner. Teams of doctors and nurses handle basic clinic services while other team members provide spiritual counseling. Various medical expeditions are planned annually ranging from the valleys of South America to the mountain regions of Nepal. Teaching methods of communicating the Bible through the telling of its stories. Designed to reach the illiterate and people in areas of the world where it is dangerous to use an actual Bible. Undergirds the ministry in prayer and provides training and
tools in prayer to help people grow in their faith. Is the supply line to the front line with useful tools and products available to churches, retail stores, and online buyers. Teams of regular athletes, working in conjunction with local churches, provide sports clinics for youth while connecting with local communities.

Until the Whole World Hears

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