Reaching the Unreached

The e3 Deaf Initiative is a new effort with a global focus. Numbering 250 million, the Deaf are the third largest unreached people group in the world. They communicate through "Sign Language" which, contrary to popular belief, is not universal. Each country has its own distinct language, with some countries having more than one. These languages have no written form so sharing the gospel using a written form, like a tract, is largely ineffective. Similarly, the Deaf have no Bible in their own language.

The Deaf live in a Hearing world where written and verbal communication is the primary means of sharing information. This leaves them isolated. Coming together, they have formed their own communities and have developed a unique culture. The shared bond of common life experiences often surpass the bonds of family and national affinity.

You probably pass many of them every day on the street without realizing it. There is no visible indication of Deafness so they live their lives invisibly. Clearly, the challenge of reaching the Deaf with the Gospel is multi-faceted; this is the challenge of DeafGo.


DeafGo is a new initiative with a global focus.


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