The Fields are Ripe

The isolated cities and remote villages of the Amazon Basin of Peru are filled with people who have some knowledge of the God who created their beautiful world, but few of them know God as their Lord. Geographical barriers, such as the Andes Mountains and the thick Amazon jungle, have separated Amazon dwellers from the rest of the world and have slowed the arrival of modern technology.

Groups of e3 Partners volunteers are taking the Gospel to citizens of cities like Iquitos, Tarapoto, and Pucallpa and to the remote villages along the Amazon River and its many tributaries. The Amazon dwellers are open to the Good News. The need is great for volunteers to work alongside North American and Peruvian Christians in the Amazon rain forest. Go with us into the amazing biodiversity of the region, breathe its oxygen-rich air, and experience the joy of seeing God glorified in a unique part of his creation.

In the Amazon, e3 seeks to equip believers to evangelize their community and establish new churches.


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