Stephen Baldwin

Actor, Director, Author, Radio Show Host

It was no surprise when Hollywood came calling for Stephen Baldwin, the youngest of the “Baldwin” brothers’ clan. But even though he had all the money he could ever need, Stephen still was missing one key component – satisfaction. That is, until he discovered that Jesus was really the only thing he needed in life.

Though raised in the Catholic church, by age 13, Stephen Baldwin had walked away from any Christian influence. In his teens, Stephen was on the path to becoming a notable Opera singer before pursuing acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Before long, a star had been born. He received numerous film roles and had just begun filming a television show, when his life took a turn. Stephen and his wife were living in Tucson and had just hired a woman named Augusta to clean their house. Each day, the Baldwins noticed Augusta sang songs about Jesus while cleaning. Finally ready for her to bring in a new repertoire of songs, Stephen’s wife confronted her, receiving an unusual reaction. Augusta burst out into a humongous laugh before revealing her true intention when taking the cleaning job. When Stephen’s wife approached him to say Augusta had told her that in the future the Baldwins would become born-again Christians and have their own ministry, Stephen said the thought was utterly ridiculous. But Augusta’s glimpse into the future came true; after the Baldwins moved back to New York a few years later, they began attending church and made commitments to Christ.

Today, Stephen continues his work in Hollywood through his own production company, but he does so with a changed heart, knowing Jesus is the most important thing. In addition, he is the founder of Breakthrough Ministry, which uses extreme sports for the purpose of evangelism. This helps Stephen connect with younger audiences who are interested in extreme sports. Stephen can discuss evangelism and how using the interests of others can increase opportunities to share how Jesus has changed him.

Stephen Baldwin makes his home in upstate New York with his wife and two daughters. He has appeared in more than 60 films including The Usual Suspects, Posse, 8 Seconds and A Simple Twist of Fate and has been featured on such top-rated television shows as Celebrity Apprentice, Fear Factor and Celebrity Mole. He has his own production company that works to develop projects for television and the big screen. Stephen is also active in charity work for the Carol M. Baldwin Cancer Research Fund, named after his mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1990.

In September 2006, Stephen released The Unusual Suspect, a book which details highlights from his personal life, career, days of drug abuse, and ultimately, his turn to becoming a born-again Christian. In the same year, he founded Breakthrough Ministry, with Mario D'Ortenzio and Bobby Brewer and began AsSalt Tours in arenas nationwide.

Stephen teamed up with conservative talk-radio host Kevin McCullough in 2008 for a Saturday radio show called Baldwin/McCullough Radio. Today, the show airs on more than 213 stations and in more than 400 cities across the U.S., and worldwide on Sirius 161 and XM 227.

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