Simple Second Guides

Jesus had a fascinating approach to teaching. Often, rather than telling people what He wanted to teach them, He asked them questions. He wanted them to grapple with the issues and discover the truth for themselves. He understood that people learn best and more often put into practice what they learn themselves.

If we want people to do what they learn from the Bible, we need to help them figure out for themselves what it means, rather than telling them. Though difficult to do with a large congregation, this is very simple in a small group. Ask a group member to read aloud the passage of scripture the group will be covering. Then, ask simple questions (see the guides below). Allow others to answer, and let the group discuss and figure it out. The leader should do little talking. This sort of interactive discussion is designed to help people put into practice what they learn.

North America Materials.
Click here to download the small group and church planting materials we use in the United States and Canada.

International Materials.
The small group and church planting materials we use internationally are listed below. Click on the icons below to download the language you need.

The Simple SECOND Guides, which can be photocopied front-and-back, will give you the basics, the format, and some Bible passages to help you lead a simple Bible discussion group. There are two different tracks. You can choose the one that will work best for your group.

Hope - pre-believers 6 weeks.

Discover - pre-believers 22-week walk through full story of the Bible.

Start - to use with new or existing believers.

Also Available
Translation Guide- A simple guide on translating and/or updating your translation of the Simple Second Guides. Get help in common translation issues the newest Simple Second updates and Simple Second track implementation.

NOTE: If you have translated any or all of these Simple Second Guides into a language or dialect not listed on this page please email those translations to Doug Bender so we can resource other people working in that language

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