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Snuggled in among the Himalayas, Nepal is home to approximately 30 million people. This landlocked country borders China to the north and India to the south, east and west. Although small for a country, eight of the world’s ten largest mountains, including Mount Everest, reside here. Sadly, Hinduism is practiced by a larger majority of people in Nepal than in any other nation. Although the Nepalese Christian population is less than 2%, God has begun working powerfully among them. It is our great privilege, at e3 Partners Ministry, to equip and assist them to reach their communities for Christ, start simple churches, and make disciples. While the windows are open to this beautiful country, we invite you to join us on a God-breathed, Spirit-filled mission to help people find and follow Jesus!

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VISION STATEMENT: Established reproducing, indigenous churches worshipping God within walking distance of every person in Nepal.

MISSION STATEMENT: Make disciples, baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and teach obedience to everything God has commanded.


Bring American Christians to Nepal to introduce I Am Second groups, through various ministry forms, to the Nepalese.


We began our adventure with God in Nepal in 2000. Our mission has remained the same over the years to see established reproducing, indigenous churches worshipping God within walking distance of every person in Nepal. Our mission, however, has grown and morphed. Although we continue to bring American Christians to Nepal to train and assist nationals in establishing churches, our ministry vehicle has changed.

In the beginning, we took large American teams to various cities within Nepal. These teams mainly went door-to-door preaching the Good News and leading the unsaved to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We did this through the partnership with Nepali pastors and evangelists who would remain in these cities to establish church meetings. We found this process did produce indigenous churches worshipping God. However, these churches were not reproducing nor were they within walking distance of the multitude of people in the area.

With that knowledge, and a desire to truly establish reproducing churches, we began taking smaller American teams to do church planting seminars for Nepalese Christians. We would teach the basic principles of church planting and, after each segment, go with our Nepali brothers and sisters out into the village to put to practical use the concepts being taught. We found, once again, we were planting churches. However, at the slow rate these churches were reproducing, it would take another 540 years to establish the 260,671 churches needed to have a church within walking distance of every Nepali.

We found this unacceptable. We have currently partnered with various ministries of e3 Partners and the I Am Second movement to dramatically speed up the church planting process. We continue to take American Christians but now teach our Nepalese brothers and sisters radical discipleship. The I Am Second groups are designed to be small in nature, promote total devotion to pouring over the scriptures, and sharing with others. The groups endorse current members to invite others and start their own indigenous church worshipping God within their own small community.

I Am Second groups can easily be partnered with other ministry opportunities. Most groups have a service project in conjunction with their teaching. Because of this, we invite other ministry groups to join us in our vision.


The central players in this church planting movement are many and multi-national. Lisa Stewart and Simon Reeves are the Church Planting Coordinator and Church Planter, respectively. They work directly with e3 Partners and the I Am Second movement. In country is Yuwaraj Gajmer, the Nepal Country Director. Because of our desire to see a rapid church planting movement in Nepal, we have chosen not to establish long-term relationships with local churches. We have, however, established many relationships with Christian church planters throughout the country.


Please join us in praying for the following:

·         National Country Director, Yuwaraj Gajmer

o   Health and Safety for him and his family

o   Financial Resources

o   On-going training

·         Church Planter and Church Planting Coordinator

o   Health and Safety for them and their families

o   Financial Partnerships/Long-Term Contributors

o   Wisdom

·         Nepali Leadership

o   Perseverance of those He has already raised up

o   New Leaders

o   Persons of Peace

o   Financial Resources

·         American Teams

o   Laborers

o   Long-term ministry partnerships

o   Multiplication of leadership

·         Nepalese People

o   Eyes to see and ears to hear the Good News

o   Divine appointments

o   A reproducing, indigenous church worshipping God within walking distance of every Nepali person


Sunday, March 13, 2011 7:58:00 PM

A testimony of His glory!

“O LORD, I will honor and praise Your name, for You are my God. You do such wonderful things! You planned them long ago, and now You have accomplished them.” Isaiah 25:1 (NLT)

I read the previous verse while I was in Nepal this past September. I underlined it in my Bible and wrote “Nepal 2010” next to it. I am sooo thankful that He is my God!! He, indeed, does wonderful things! And the plans He made for our Youth Conference, before the world began, have now been accomplished!

We planned that 500 Youth would attend our first ever e3 Youth Conference, “Youth On Fire”, but 800 showed up! The power of God fell powerfully and continually over the 4-day conference. With each touch of the Holy Spirit, hundreds would fall to the ground in a matter of seconds, unable to move…wrapped in the Father’s love for them. Many would fall to the ground from demonic attack and their young bodies would wrestle, sometimes for hours, with the power of darkness. Many kids gave their lives to the Lord, many were healed, demons were cast out, and sins were openly confessed…even drugs were handed over to us as a sign of a changed heart.

In addition to teaching on how each person is uniquely designed, how each has failed to live up to God’s standard, and how each has been offered forgiveness and a renewed relationship with Christ, we also trained them how to use “I Am Second” small group materials…where the concept is to read a small Bible passage and have a discussion about the passage by answering 6 basic questions. Person after person would stand up front, with great enthusiasm, and tell us how these materials have opened their eyes to the possibility of a new level of intimacy with Christ that they have never known. One 9 year old boy blew us all away with his new understanding of Scripture. He boldly stood up and preached to us from the passage he had just read and discussed in his small “I Am Second” group. What an amazing witness to how powerfully the Holy Spirit can use His word to teach us!

We concluded our conference with a candlelight ceremony, surrendering the light of our lives to the Lord and asking Him to, “Send me!”

At the conference, and throughout the days following, we passed out 1000 Evangecubes and trained each person how to share their faith using this tool. I cannot begin to tell you what an awesome privilege it was to watch each person (from very young to very old) figure out, not only how to maneuver the cube, but also how to share the gospel message using it. I stood next to an older woman in a small church, nestled far into the jungle, and listened with great joy as she giggled with pleasure over this new tool in her hands.

Our final adventure for the week was to travel to the top of a mountain in order to reach a small church in a remote village. We worshiped with them and taught them the “I Am Second” materials and how to use the evangecube. They had never received any such training and were so thankful that God had answered their prayers. I broke my leg trying to reach these people….a small price to pay for the fruit that will be produced in this village! And, as my nepali son so often says, “This is ministry!”

I have never witnessed the power of God as I did on this past expedition to Nepal. God has, once again, proven to be much larger than I have known Him to be. He not only rocked the world of the Youth, He rocked mine as well and I will never be the same.

Lisa Stewart, e3 Partners Nepal Strategy Team Director

Saturday, February 05, 2011 10:10:00 AM

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